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What Makes Us Different?

Conference Consultancy treats every client and enquiry with a fresh approach which sets us apart from our competitors.  Our clients often want different and exciting venues for new events or help with re-invigorating regular meetings.  We rise to every challenge and as a result have much repeat business and client loyalty.

Our creative & innovative input to client events can be best illustrated with the following examples

Client A

This oil company was having problems fixing a date when particular key personnel could attend a meeting. Conference Consultancy had offered suitable suggestions for venues for a face-to-face meeting. But when the date of the event changed several times due to unavailability of key delegates, we suggested a different approach and researched some options for video conferencing. This meant that key delegates who were unable to attend in person made their contribution by video link. The meeting was a great success and the client was extremely happy with our input, which enabled an important meeting to go ahead in a way they had not previously considered.

Client B
An engineering company wanted to run an event to launch a new product to some of its best customers. We came up with a water theme to fit in with the nature of the product. A luxury river cruiser traveled up the Thames whilst the presentation and buffet were in progress. The food was themed in line with the product as were the corporate gifts placed on the tables. On their return to the pier the delegates were offered a speedboat adventure to end the event on an exciting note.
Client C
One of our training clients had to cancel a public course at short notice due to a trainer being unwell. Many of the delegates were extremely unhappy and did not wish to rebook. We discussed options with the client for changing the delegates’ perception. Conference Consultancy then undertook on behalf of the client to send an apology with a corporate gift and special offer leaflet to these delegates. As a result 87% of the delegates then decided to rebook on the course.