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Can We Save You Money?

Conference Consultancy understands that all our clients are seeking value for money and have a real need to maximise cost savings. We use various methods of achieving this for our clients. We specialise in analysing each company’s individual requirements and implementing a plan that is both comprehensive and tailor made. Over the years we’ve found that many cost saving solutions for clients fall into the following categories:

1 Clients with a volume of business to place in a limited number of areas, generally fare best using negotiated rates with a few suitable venues

2 Where the business is spread over a large geographical area, then agreements with particular venue or hotel groups can be the most cost effective.

3 If a wide variety of individual venues are used, the focus must be on exceptional negotiating for each and every individual booking.

We don’t just say we can save you money, we can prove it.  The following real life facts and figures show our excellent spend reduction capabilities:

Client 1
Conference Consultancy has booked training rooms and delegate accommodation for this client for nearly four years. This company offers training to high level personnel in large corporate companies. The venues must be of a high quality and due to the training layout; the rooms need to be very large in comparison to the number of delegates. We identified that securing large meeting rooms with low minimum numbers was a primary consideration for this client. As the client runs public training courses where delegates often book fairly late, Conference Consultancy also secured advantageous cancellation policies with each of the venues.

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Client 2
Conference Consultancy has been responsible booking hundreds of training, conference and event venues for one of the Chartered Institutes. Cost is a key consideration as is a good quality venue which reflects well on the client. The client wanted to save money on running the events and also on cancellation charges. We not only negotiated exceptional rates and cancellation terms, but we also gained added value for this client with items such as standard equipment and extra coffee breaks being included.

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