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Green Events & Environmental Policy
We are all becoming much more aware of the effects of carbon footprints and as a company we take our impact on the environment very seriously.

Green Events
Increasingly our clients are telling us that they want to minimize the environmental impact of their events. So Conference Consultancy is now able to source venues that have strong green credentials. We use our venue database to identify those venues that make environmental issues forefront in the product that they offer.

We also plan to make use of the Hotel Carbon Index iin order to access the most up-to-date information about the environmental rating of venues and as a tool to help clients calculate the carbon footprint of their event.
Environmental Policy
Conference Consultancy’s carbon footprint derives mainly from running the offices and from the paperwork generated and sent. We have made the decision to email the majority of our correspondence and invoicing. Our Venue Base booking system gives us the ability to email our quotes, confirmations and amendments to both clients and venues. Venue Base can also send emails for copy bill requests and commission invoices. Where possible, we also send venue contracts to clients by email. This means that in recent years we have reduced considerably our paper and postage usage.

We purchase from environmentally aware suppliers where possible and source of our office materials are recycled or greener options. Conference Consultancy has invested in office equipment which has low energy usage whilst on standby. In addition where possible our lighting is fitted with low energy light bulbs.

In order to further reduce our carbon footprint, our staff travels to venue inspections and client appointments by public transport where possible.

Conference Consultancy has set up a committee at the company to keep a keen eye on both our own and also venues’ environmental performance