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Guide To Selecting Venues
Here are our 5 top tips for choosing your ideal venue and getting the best out of your budget:
Make sure that everyone can get there without too much difficulty. Where are people coming from? Consider if the delegates are flying, driving or coming by public transport.
Whilst it may be tempting to stretch your budget and go for a five star venue, don’t forget that the service charge is often added on top in this type of venue, plus costs for any extras such as wine or equipment will be high. You can end up spending far more than you anticipate.
Think about the reason you are holding the event. Is it to train people? Make sure you use a quiet room with natural light and not too much to look at from the window. Is it to impress clients? Then pick a stunning venue with a wow factor that they are unlikely to have been to before. Does the style of the venue match the theme of the event? Try a stylish country house for upmarket comfort for your directors or a sleek modern venue for a cutting edge technology or scientific conference.
If you can be flexible on the time of year or day of the week on which you hold the event, you can save a serious amount of money. Meetings held in early January or over school holidays will enable you to take advantage of excellent special offer rates designed to attract business for lean periods. If you can’t be flexible on the time of year then consider holding your meeting on a Monday or Friday, when venues are less busy.
It’s probably best to avoid economising on food if at all possible, as it’s the number one thing that delegates remember.  If your delegates don’t get fed well, they will grumble!  It is better to go for a less impressive venue but ensure that people are looked after and given great food
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