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Meet Key Members Of The Team
We’re a talented team of experienced venue finders. Between us we’ve worked on a huge range of events from directors’ dinners to annual conferences. Here is a snapshot of just a few of us at Conference Consultancy to give you a taste of what to expect.
  Nigel Phillips
Responsible for setting up the company in 1987, Nigel came from an events background within the hotel industry. He has put this experience to good use to identify venues which work best for his clients’ events. Nigel has seen the industry change over the years and has adapted to keep ahead of the market trends.

“I am proud to be trusted by my clients, many of whom have been using our services for years. I am pleased to say that some of them have become good friends. They know that whatever they ask for, we will help in any way we can – including those that are not directly related to the service we provide. I have been known to sponsor a client’s charity bungee jump and to organise raffle prizes for their event!
Susan Watson   Tracy Stubbington
Joined the company in 1997, having worked in London for two of the largest booking agencies – Expotel and Banks Sadler. She gained useful experience from working for these companies, but made the move to a smaller agency to enable her to offer a higher level of service.

“I’ve worked for the big players in the market place and was frustrated by the way they operated. Staff are generally inexperienced and expected to cope with enormous work loads. This means that clients are not getting the expert advice they need or sufficient time spend on their enquiries. It was great to have the opportunity to develop an experienced team at Conference Consultancy and give the staff here the time to really look after our clients. I believe in creating a good working environment and making sure staff know they are valued. I know our clients appreciate talking to someone who is happy in their work and has the time, enthusiasm and inclination to help.”
Came to us from a hotel and IT background in 2004. One of her talents is for developing close working relationships with her clients.  Sometimes it sounds as though she is on the telephone to a friend sharing a joke!  However it always turns out to be one of her long standing clients calling for advice.  She has an amazing sense of humour and will go to the ends of the earth to get what the client needs. 

“I enjoy speaking to my clients and like to understand exactly where they are coming from in order to give them what they need.  This means really getting to know them and the environment they work in.  I also believe in developing strong relationships with contacts at the venues.  The old adage is true - it is not what you know, but who.  These relationships have helped me to get what I need from the venues.  But make no mistake, I’m not always smiling - I have been likened to a Rottweiler when fighting a client’s corner!”