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How To Choose An Agent
The most important things to look for in an agency are:
Long Term Commitment:
We believe that the most successful partnerships evolve over time and at Conference Consultancy, we’re definitely in it for the long haul. Many clients have been with us for years. We’re a trusted partner you can turn to for help and advice (and even if it is not directly related to their event – we’ll do our very best to help).
Consistently Good Service Level:
Many agencies strive to secure new business, then grow complacent and fail to keep delivering. Conference Consultancy wants your business and will continue to work hard to keep it. Our philosophy is that valuing and keeping our existing clients is more important than bringing in new ones.

Service Tailored To Your Needs:
One size does not fit all, so your contact here will make a huge effort to get to know the venues and rates that work best for your events. We also understand that sometimes you want to be in direct control of the relationship with the venues. You just want our help to find the venue, but then like to manage your own events and build your relationship with the contact at the venue. We don’t mind! We won’t insist on being involved at every stage. However other times, you don’t want to be pestered with details from the hotel or requests from delegates for accommodation. We are happy to take on those stressful bits for you. To provide whatever works best for you is our priority.

Innovative Thinking:
Conference Consultancy treats every client and enquiry with a fresh approach which sets us apart from our competitors. Our clients often want different and exciting venues for new events or help with re-invigorating regular meetings. We rise to every challenge and as a result have much repeat business and client loyalty. See examples of our creative & innovative input to client events.