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Why Choose Us ?
There’s a huge choice of agencies out there, so how do you make the right choice?
Big? - Don’t be fooled that bigger is better. Undoubtedly the big booking agencies can supply numerous services but are often expert in none as they have high staff turnover. Beware! These companies have extra commission arrangements with certain hotel and venue chains. They make more money if they book one of these venues for you, so funnily enough they always put them forward, regardless of whether they are the right option for your event!

Small? Alternatively there are many small agencies out there. However these companies do not have the breadth of experience or range of contacts to provide a great level of service, nor the buying power to secure the best rates.

Just Right! We think that the happy medium is the best solution. Conference Consultancy is just the right size to offer an extremely professional service but with that all important personal touch. Clients come to us for expert advice, so our philosophy places huge emphasis on experienced members of staff. We value our independence and therefore will not enter into agreements to promote certain venues above others. So rest assured that the selection presented to you in a quotation is comprehensive and includes venues that we truly believe are your best options.